For 2020, Tuttle Orchards is working on a plan to keep our fall traditions alive while providing guests with a safer, less crowded experience.  

Reservations are REQUIRED for ALL GUESTS entering the farm for ANY REASON on Saturdays in the fall.  

We realize that Saturdays may fill up so we ENCOURAGE ANYONE WHO POSSIBLY CAN TO VISIT DURING THE WEEK. No reservations are required for weekdays at this time. This year we have very few field trips visiting the farm so weekdays will offer a much quieter atmosphere for guests. So....if you are at all able...please visit during the week.

Reservations open every Tuesdays for the upcoming Saturday.  

You will not be able to make reservations more than 1 week in advance. This allows us to communicate to you the most up to date info before you make reservations.

At this time we are not requiring reservations for weekdays, only Saturdays to provide a more enjoyable, less crowded experience.  Everyone must have a reserved spot, even children ages 15 and under.  

Adult (ages 16 and up) reservations are $8 which is pre-payment towards a voucher that can be used for ¼ peck of u-pick apples (in September while supplies last - $8.00/value) or a large pumpkin (beginning Sep 26 - $8.00/value) or for $8 off any one purchase in the Grill, Café, or Farm Store.  Voucher must be used on day of reservation.  No change will be given for a voucher purchase.

Children (ages 15 and under) will require reservations, but there will be no charge with an accompanying paid adult.  

Tuttles will be open in ALL WEATHER. We are an outdoor venue and believe that fun can be had in all types of weather. Absolutely NO weather-related refunds, cancellations, or reschedules will be given for rain, mud, snow, wind or cold weather. In the event of lightning the outdoor areas of the farm will be temporarily closed until the storm passes and then we will resume normal activity. Indoor areas will always remain open.

For answers to all your reservation questions, please go to our FAQ About Fall 2020 page on our website.

Important Notes for Sat, Sep 26:

Pumpkin patch will be open starting this Saturday for picking.

Apple Picking:  it is very likely that all apples will be picked off the trees before Sat, Sep 26 or that there will only be a few apples for those who really want to "hunt" for them in the orchard.  We only have about a 5% apple crop this year due to May freeze so apples on the trees are limited.  We have plenty of apples available in the Farm Store.  Purchasing a reservation does not guarantee that there will be apples on the trees to pick (sorry, we haven't figured out how to glue them back on), but there are lots of apples you can purchase in the Farm Store.

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